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Nigerian Journal of Psychology is a yearly publication of the Nigerian Psychological Association. It is intended to disseminate original scientific work in all fields of psychology presented at our Annual Scientific Conference.

Nigerian Journal of Psychology is one of the official journals of the Nigerian Psychological Association. It is a yearly publication intended to disseminate original work in all fields of psychology, and it welcomes empirical and theoretical studies, as well as reviews,in a broad range of areas, such as developmental, school and educational psychology, behavioural psychology, clinical psychology, health psychology, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, psychological assessment, experimental psychology, theory and history of psychology. Authors are required to pay a fee to publish in Nigerian Journal of Psychology because we publish with Open Access unless in some cases where the author   100% waiver.

Volume 22 Issue 1


  1. Sex and Social Media Addiction as Predictors of Cyber Deviance among Undergraduates.
    Alausa Waheed Moa-Liberty, Onyeukwu Benedict I. ————————- Page 1.
  1. Assessing Demographic factors and Traumatic Stress as Predictors of Psychological well-being among Road Traffic Accident Victims.
    David Markus Shekwolo, Paul Chinemelum Nebechukwu, Jerry James Doka. —————————- Page 10.

  1. Workload as Determinant of Turnover Intention among Teachers of Private Schools in Lagos State, Nigeria.
    Alausa Waheed Moa-Liberty. —————- Page 20.

  1. A Consideration on the Relationship between Psychological Empowerment, Job Insecurity on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour among the Eastern Cape Department of Health Employees.
    Nwokolo E.E., Mjoli T.Q., Achebe S.C. ——————— Pages 27.
  1. Impulsivity and Risk-taking Propensity as Predictors of Accident Proneness among Long Distance Commercial Drivers.
    Emmanuel E.Uye, Enyelunekpo R. Roberts, Oyinkansola O. Bello, Peter O. Olapegba ———————– Pages 41.
  1. Strengthening Social Cohesion in Nigeria: a Panacea for National Development.
    Obinna Ukaeje, Jennifer Iheanacho. ———————————————- Pages 50 
  1. Age and Gender Differences in Suicidal Ideation in a Sample of Undergraduates in Nigeria.
    Janet Tolulope Olaseni, Bolanle Ogungbamila, Oluwaseun Emmanuel Ajayi. ————- Pages 64.
  1. Factor Structure of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist (2nd – R) for the Assessment of the Psychopathy Behaviour in Nigeria.
    Ibrahim Ignatius Felix Ruwan, Musa Yusuf Garba. —————————— Pages 73.
  1. Effect of Stress on Human Immune System.
    Chinwe Onyemaechi, Nwagbo Chikelue Abumchukwu, Moses Tingir. ————– Pages 82.
  1. Relationship between Self – Efficacy and Political Participation in Enugu Urban, Enugu State.
    Anike Raphael U. —————————— Pages 92.
  1. Effect of Marijuana Consumption in Behaviour and Body Weight.
    Joshua Chiroma Gandi, Omo Oke Kehinde. ———————————– Pages 105.
  1. ‘Bounded’ or Boundaryless Careers? A Critical Review of the Relevance of Career Insecurity Research in Contemporary Nigerian Work Environment.
    Fabian O. Ugwu, Miracle C. Oguta ———————————– Pages 112.
  1. Psychological Well-Being as a Predictor of Life Satisfaction among Pensioneers.
    Valentina Chineye Marire-Nwankwo, Irene A. Ofili. ———————– Pages 121.
  1. The Moderating role of Self-efficacy on Coping Strategies as Predictors of Fear of Success among Undergraduate Students of Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) Agbani.
    Tobechukwu Rapuluchi Onwuekwem, Anthonia Chiagozie Nwatu, Uche J. Aboh. ——–Pages 134
  1. Relationship between Psychological Wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence among University Students.
    Solomon A. Agu. ——————————————Pages 147